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DW California Food Distribution, LLC (DW Food) is dedicated to providing you with SAFE, HIGH QUALITY U.S.A GROWN FRUITS, NUTS and OTHER AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS.  Additionally, DW Food is actively involved in assisting Companies all over the world improve their agriculture by integrating modern agribusiness technologies, growing techniques, equipment and most importantly training that results in local farmers producing the highest yield of the best quality fruits, vegetables, grains and other crops

DW Food is your "One-Stop" source for everything Agriculture - from sourcing SAFE, HIGH QUALITY U.S.A GROWN products for wholesale or retail customers, all the way to Seed, Equipment and Technology to improve your local agribusiness.

DW Food is closely affiliated with The California Department of Agriculture Development (CDAD).  A major mission of CDAD is promoting business exchange/cooperation, and accelerating technology application between the State of California and Asian countries.  DW Food is committed to providing the Highest Quality fruits and nuts that are Safe and Healthy for you and your customers. We look forward to working with you. 

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